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Northern Minnesota Physical and Occupational Therapy

True Care Medical Therapy Center is located in the small Northern Minnesota city of Cook. We are a family run rehab center and we are so grateful for each and every patient that we treat. Our facility opened in November of 2009 providing our area with more options for their health care needs. Our beautiful center creates a homey environment which extends throughout the facility and allows for easy access to the building. Our location offers drive up service to the door with no need to walk long distances or find parking to get to rehab.

Our friendly and personable staff have free reign to schedule as much time as they need to work with your individual needs. Our therapists are well known for proven success in Sensory Integration, Behavior Modification, Fine Motor Skills, Assistive Technology, Ergonomics, Family support and Education, Pain Management, Injury, Post Surgical Rehab, Strength and Balance and Range of Motion. Our mission is to make a positive difference in our patient’s lives and we keep them our number one priority. A True Care patient will never feel rushed out the door with unanswered questions.

 We offer a variety of specialized equipment to aid in a quicker and less painful recovery for our patients. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they made a treadmill with sensors under your feet to analyze how you walk? Well good news! THEY DO! Even better news! WE HAVE ONE! We are excited to have in house one of the only Biodex Gait Trainers in the area with a Biodex unweighing system. This is a very special treadmill system that has changed many lives.

Our therapists are always coming up with creative and fun new ways to work with children Bring your child to True Care to help make little lives work through play, or come yourself to manage that chronic pain you thought you'd never get relief from. Our staff is prepared to help you whatever your needs may be. From Physical Therapy to Occupational Therapy, our family is looking forward to working with yours!

Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm.

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"Quality Care Because We Truly Care."

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